ELDEX Asia 2019

In November 2019, Eden participated in the Eldercare Conference & Exhibition Asia (ELDEX) 2019, which saw over 5,000 trade visitors and buyers from the ASEAN markets participating. Eden had the privilege of facilitating a panel where panelists shared about how jobs in this sector are safe from automation due to the high-touch nature of care, that the ‘Uberisation’ of skills and proliferation of microjobs can support ageing in place, and the importance of dignity even when unknowingly using loaded references such as “geriatrics” or “elderly”. Whether we are changing mindsets with coaching, sector branding, or better self-determination for older people or their caregivers; working with community assets; or going digital with better data, leaner management, or new marketplaces, a throughline we closed on was to focus on Empowerment.

The Silver market, particularly in Singapore, presents a growth opportunity for innovators and changemakers, as well as multinationals and edge firms such as Crispr, Fitbit, Ping An, and Watson that have already been making headway. This session inspired us with hope that when we join this club in a couple of decades, all of us will stand to reap the ‘longevity dividend’ of the investments in new technologies, care models, skills, and careers that we put in today.