We help organizations create value in addressing the world's pressing issues.

Eden helps leading global corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations profitably achieve sustained impact by aligning their growth platforms, operations, products, and services with market forces and developmental opportunities.

Eden creates impact through five service areas.


Innovation can be a strategy for rejuvenation, differentiation, and growth – or a source of anxiety, dissatisfaction, and waste. We help organisations grow capabilities that ensure sustainable returns on innovation investments. We empower innovation teams with fresh insights and approaches, transforming the entire culture of an organisation. We co-create and commercialise innovations that attend to the greatest civilizational challenges of our time.


Asia’s Emerging Middle Class holds immense promise for companies seeking growth, yet effectively penetrating this heterogeneous market requires an intimate understanding of their unique circumstances, challenges, and aspirations. We use robust statistical approaches to identify target segments, investigate hyperlocal contexts using ethnographic techniques, and co-create meaningful propositions that meet their unmet needs.


We help organisations expand their reach by forging public-private partnerships with channel partners that extend beyond traditional distributors. Going-to-Market as a Business System – harmonizing corporate goals with the public objectives of governments, communities, and social sector organisations – can share the burden of market access, while bringing beneficial goods to more people.


Organisations face increasing risks of technological, environmental, workforce, and social disruption. We inspire strategic vision with foresight and global good practices, identify value chain vulnerabilities, align constituents around governance approaches that optimize shared performance, and plan pathways that deliver both corporate development and societal impact.


Consumers, employees, and citizens are increasingly expecting positive societal contribution from the organisations they engage with. We help organizations craft authentic value propositions, including strategies, offerings, networks, collaboration models, organisational cultures, and brands that resonate deeply with purpose-driven aspirations, to forge the social compact between leaders and their constituents.


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