Reimagining Public Service: Inclusive, Compassionate, Digital

To celebrate Eden Strategy Institute’s 10th year anniversary and 10 years of socially innovating with our invaluable clients and community, we have organised a three-part virtual conference titled Social Innovation – The Next Decade. Our series reflects on the past decade of innovation in organisations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. It offers an opportunity to share learnings from the innovation journey with the broader community and envision where the social innovation space is headed towards in the next 10 years.

Our third and final virtual conference panel on Reimagining Public Service: Inclusive, Compassionate, Digital aims to put forward a new vision for the public sector and use reflections of the past decade to chart a new direction for public service innovation. As much as Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented challenges and evolving expectations of public service, emerging trends in participatory co-creation, eGovernment, and smart cities are enabling governments to explore new ways of supporting citizens and businesses. Governments are facing pressure to transform can harness the value of data, while providing services through new channels. They need to identify new digital exports, and even reshape the mindsets of the workforce.


Our insightful panelists included:

Bernard Faustino Dy, Mayor of Cauayan City, Isabel state of the Philippines
Evelyn Khoo, Assistant Commissioner, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Dr. Non A, Senior Expert (Smart City), Digital Economy Promotion Agency of Thailand (DEPA)


The panel was moderated by Callysta Thony, Strategy Consultant, Eden Strategy Institute.