Asia Emerging Middle Class Survey

The Emerging Middle Class (EMC) is a rapidly growing global market of consumers newly entering the middle-income group, representing individuals earning or spending USD 2 to 20 per day. This report presents the findings from a survey conducted with 4,000 EMC consumers in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Philippines. The respondents were asked questions regarding their income and expenditure on essential and non-essential goods. In addition, the participants related their hopes, aspirations, and fears, allowing us to understand the psychology of the EMC consumer.

Elder Friendliness in Asia-Pacific

This paper is designed to contribute to the discussion on ageing and help governments, healthcare providers, businesses, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations across Asia-Pacific discover untapped opportunities where they can better meet the needs of elderly. We first seek to highlight key parameters for assessing the elder-friendliness of countries. Such a framework can be used to determine whether a particular country has in place an enabling ageing ecosystem that empowers its elders to live out their golden years.

Handbook on Education Innovation in Singapore

Singapore’s education system is well-respected globally for its high levels of academic achievement. Local private education institutions however face rising competition from developed countries such as Australia, the UK, and the US. With changing patterns of learning among the workforce, organisations dealing with higher education and corporate training also need to adopt more flexible modes of curriculum delivery. The Education Innovation Playbook is informed by 50 proven, good practice innovations that have been studied around the world, which attend to the respective problem statements articulated by the local education and training providers. The Handbook further highlights the success factors of the innovations practiced by 10 institutions, and how these innovations can be re-contextualized to organisations facing similar challenges. Contact SPRING Singapore to find out more about the EI initiative.

Capturing the Hearts and Minds of the New Middle Class

The global consumer durables industry has witnessed considerable change and impressive growth in recent years, despite strong competition and relentless price cutting. Fast-growth Asian economies such as India, China, and Indonesia, relatively shielded from the recession, will drive future consumer demand for basic appliances. The middle and lower segments of the pyramid represent a major opportunity among these markets. This study answers fundamental questions that industry players will have to revisit to succeed in an increasingly dynamic and complex Asian market and to test their strategic readiness to compete.

Green Readiness Economies 2011

The global renewable energy industry is expected to witness impressive growth over the next decade despite the negative implications of the global financial crisis during the 2008/2009 period. While Europe and North America are the most developed markets for renewable energy today, Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the future theatre of growth and developments. Green Readiness Economies 2011 elaborates indicators that provide robust fact-based and data-driven analysis of the ability of different countries to adopt and purchase renewable energy products and services.