Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayor’s Forum 2019

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and Mayors’ Forum is the region’s premier Summit that brings together one of the largest number of city leaders with the best and brightest in business. APCS is focused on bringing business, industry and cities together to enable them to build relationships and effectively contribute to the success and sustainability of our cities into the future. APCS attracts city leaders and key influencers looking to engage with companies who can provide innovative urban solutions to cities.

The 2019APCS program featured an impressive line-up of internationally renowned speakers and curated sessions to generate meaningful and insightful conversations in line with each of the program themes:

Innovation of cities – Empowering cities, residents and business through innovation and technology
Mobility of cities – Moving and connecting people within cities
Liveability of cities – Vibrant, diverse and inclusive cities
Sustainability of cities – Driving resilient and healthy cities

We were thankful to have been part of the event in 2019, where we shared on how governments can accelerate transformation at the Asia-Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum, more specifically our learnings on how quantifying the exchange of economic value between cities and different constituents helps to sustain more successful smart city partnerships.

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