Eden Strategy Institute launches HappyDoWhat

March 20, 2015 – As the world celebrates the International Day of Happiness today, Eden Strategy Institute is pleased to announce the launch of HappyDoWhat (, a mobile application that allows users to geographically tag and receive real-time notifications of happy places and events wherever they are.

It is widely documented that impression management on social media can make people feel sadder. Based on scientifically-proven happiness drivers, HappyDoWhat is an alternative platform to help users anonymously reflect, record, and relive their happy moments.

It redefines the notion of happiness to focus on the small things in life, and cultivates lasting habits of happiness such as thinking positively, trying new experiences, appreciating special moments, helping others, and expressing gratitude.

“HappyDoWhat is a tool that reminds people to treasure the happy moments in life, helps them relive their best memories, understand themselves better, and authentically share happiness and gratitude with others,” said Mr. Chu Yee Ming, Partner at Eden Strategy Institute.

“We embarked on this project as we have always been interested in raising the happiness levels of those around us, and quite frankly are ourselves also curious to explore the happiest hotspots around us and even find out who is the happiest person in the world,” he added.

How does the app work?

Jazz music makes User A happy. She walks into an old music store one day, and discovers some great jazz music in the store. She takes a photo of the place and geographically tags it in HappyDoWhat.

User B, also a jazz music lover, searches for a music store near him. When he walks near the music store, HappyDoWhat sends a notification of User A’s post to him. User B looks at it and decides to check it out. He finds a vintage collection and is really delighted! He sends his word of gratitude to User A through HappyDoWhat. User A receives it, and is pleased that she has made User B’s day.

Key features of HappyDoWhat

  1. Happy Trails. Happiness Hotspots across more than 300 always-growing categories, which include awe-inspiring hyperlocal attractions, mouth-watering culinary delights, mesmerizing nature walks, and interesting sub-cultures.
  2. Happy Journal. Users can practice positive thinking, savor life’s moments, and express gratitude by constantly reflecting, recording, and reliving the happy moments in their Happy Journal.
  3. Happiness Geo-tagging. Posts of happy moments can be geographically tagged with their location and saved in our global database of ‘Happiness Hotspots’, or kept private in their personal journals.
  4. Customizable Happy notification settings. Users can select and customize the categories and frequency of notifications for happiness alerts that they wish to receive.
  5. Real-time geo-located notifications. Users would be able to spontaneously delighted by the real-time notification of the Happy Trails nearby that others have left near them.

Pilot users have reported positive results from trying out the app:

“It is always a delight to receive HappyDoWhat’s surprising notifications of happy places near me. I find that just paying special attention during these new activities helps me to savour the moments and make life better.”

Ms. Keat Yeng, 34, University Lecturer

“I love HappyDoWhat’s Happy Journal, which reminds me to be grateful for the little things in life, and helps me relive my happy memories.”
Mr. Adrian Ow, 38, Banker

“Helping others is important and I love it when HappyDoWhat tells me that what I have shared helped to really make someone else’s day.”
Ms. Chua Eileen, 39, Teacher

The app is currently available on the AppStore for free download, and will be launched in the PlayStore in July 2015.