Sustaining Affordable Water and Sanitation in Asia


Lien AID is an international development NGO headquartered in Singapore, which focuses on making safe water and sanitation available, accessible, and affordable to underprivileged communities in several Asian countries. Since 2006, Lien AID has successfully built over 1,000 water facilities and 20,000 toilets in Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia, directly impacting over half a million beneficiaries.

Lien AID was keen to work with a thought partner to develop a Water & Sanitation (“WatSan”) Programme for Corporations & Foundations, so as to achieve innovative and viable means of sustaining Lien Aid’s future initiatives, and approached Eden for assistance.

As part of Eden Strategy Institute’s mission in helping organizations create value in addressing the world’s pressing issues, Eden agreed to provide pro bono consulting support to Lien AID with a review of its track record, current project delivery approaches, and value propositions.


Eden first began with an internal and external scan to map and strategically align Lien AID’s current positioning and perception of its marketing efforts, issues faced, ideas, and future initiatives. In analyzing Lien AID’s peers in the water and sanitation space, Eden found Lien AID to have competencies in its local access, partnerships, and knowledge, a key success factor in providing turnkey water and sanitation solutions in rural Asia. We also helped Lien AID articulate its unique strengths in process and governance, donation efficiency and capacity building, as well as research and development.


With these insights, Eden collaborated with Lien AID to develop a set of marketing materials that could bring potential funders into the WatSan cause, size the magnitude of unmet beneficiary need across various countries, identify key issues and success factors along the WatSan value chain, and use case studies to articulate Lien AID’s core purpose and plans against the unmet needs of its constituents. Our final deliverable was a concise corporate engagement toolkit for Lien AID to demonstrate its unique points of difference and offer compelling partnering options to potential partners and donors.

Created with Sketch. “Through Eden’s research, analysis and insights, we are able to better articulate our experiences, unique strengths and value propositions. These have helped us tremendously in engaging more corporations and foundations to be interested in addressing water and sanitation issues for the poor. Eden’s approach in mapping the water and sanitation NGO eco-system in Asia has also directed our focus in sharpening our core competencies. And despite the fact that this was a pro-bono engagement, Eden’s team was enthusiastic, responsive and professional throughout the duration of the project.”


Koh Lian Hock

Chief Executive Officer

Lien AID