Our Innovation Portfolio


BioFourmis Biofourmis is healthcare solutions start-up specialising in physiological data analytics. Using machine learning to analyse data from multiple sources, they are able to provide highly personalised cardiac predictions alongside actionable recommendations. Biofourmis is being implemented globally in partnership with the private industry, public agencies, and leading healthcare bodies.

Emerging Middle Class

emcEden is building a global repository of emerging middle class (EMC) insights to understand the unique needs and behaviour of our region’s EMC consumers. We have travelled across India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to interact with more than 4,000 EMCs. With these insights and IP, Eden continues to conduct various rounds of in-depth market immersion and join innovation labs to facilitate partnerships and innovation across the region.

Happy Do What

hdwHappyDoWhat is a location-based application that allows you to discover and share things that make you happy, while making others happy too!

  • Discover sources of real happiness in scientifically-proven categories you can choose, such as fun events, awe-inspiring local and cultural attractions, mouth-watering culinary delights, and mesmerising nature walks that make the most people happy in every country.
  • Be spontaneously delighted by the happy trails that others have left near you, such as social support, health, personal growth, and appreciating the small things in life.
  • Practise gratitude by giving thanks to the people who have helped make your day, while receiving good karma from a worldwide community of happy people.
  • Live in the present, journal the happiest moments in your life, and relive these precious memories anytime.

Pocket Insights

picEden’s Pocket Insights app offers users a quick snapshot and understanding of the latest industry trends, news, performance, services, market analysis and opportunities across our six industry practice areas: healthcare, financial services, infocomms & media, retail & consumer, industry & logistics, and government & non-profits. The knowledge presented has developed from our immersions, innovation labs, and projects with industry experts, world-class Fellows, executive leaders, and clients in all levels and industry practice areas.