Eden Ventures

Eden features a business incubator and Social Venture Capital Investment Fund that seeks to help early-stage social enterprises launch and grow their businesses. Eden runs a program that selectively incubates promising start-ups and mid-stage organizations across industries, offering them free workspace, advice, and business referrals. We provide structured developmental training to our portfolio firms including lectures, workshops, simulations, role-plays, assessments, mentoring, and feedback, covering topics such as:

  • Founder and Board Leadership, Organisational Development, & Social Capital
  • Strategy, Business Models, & Scaling Growth
  • Industry Research, Customer Validation, & Competitive Analysis
  • Developing Killer Value Propositions
  • Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, & User Experience
  • Exploiting your Intellectual Property
  • Marketing, PR, Branding, Social Media, Community-Building, & Selling
  • Bootstrapping, Financing Sustainability, Valuation, Fundraising, & Exits
  • Emotive Storytelling, Investor Pitching, & Negotiations
  • Project Management & Impact Measurement

Eden may typically accept 10 – 30% equity and 1 – 2 director seats. We work closely with venture capitalists, private equity firms, angel investors, high networth individuals, hedge funds, family offices, law firms, brokers, and banks on both the buy- and sell-side in originating and executing investment deals.

In addition to direct financing support, we believe in collaborating actively with the management teams of our portfolio firms in the areas of strategy, operations, organization, corporate finance, and the capital markets. We conduct commercial due diligence on investment targets, establish regular status reporting for agreed growth milestones, and introduce portfolio firms to suitable customers and influential business partners, but leave the management with free rein so as not to stifle their creativity and drive.

Also serving as regular judges in global business plan competitions, Eden’s founders bring to bear advanced due diligence processes, which include various economic, social impact, and governance criteria. This is in addition to classical requirements such as details about a prospect’s product, market, strategy, operations, management, financial models, business risks, growth and exit plans.

We make our decisions to enter into long-term partnerships through this process, and thereafter commit the full backing of the Firm to realize our shared goals together with our portfolio companies.

To explore further, please make an appointment for a confidential discussion at venture@edenstrategyinstitute.com.