Tan Kim Yee

Kim Yee is a Strategy Consultant at Eden Strategy Institute, with a background in fieldwork, ethnographic research, and user experience design. She joins Eden with a strong passion for development and environmental sustainability, and recently advised UN Women on the impact of over 3,000 social enterprises across the world. She also facilitated innovation workshops with Voluntary Welfare Organization board members for the National Council of Social Services on topics such as governance, innovation, and risk. More recently, Kim led the design of Singapore’s Fashion sector three-year industry roadmap where she engaged with over 80 senior business leaders, fashion entrepreneurs, and government officials through in-depth interviews and strategy design workshops. She was also leading the urban planning industry roadmap which involved over 30 urban planners and urban planning firms. She is currently driving a strategy review for a large Social Service Organization, analysing their business and organizational performance to continue its relevance and impact in the future.

Before Eden, Kim Yee worked at the Placemaking Department and the Digital Media Cluster of Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), where she proposed and implemented activities and activities to increase the vibrancy and sense of community within the place. She also planned and executed environmental sustainability projects for Sentosa, developed ideas in user experience design for a travel mobile application, and was an Expedition Leader at Mercy Relief where she led a team to rebuilt a fish farm in Indonesia with the aim of providing a sustainable livelihood for a group of 10 farmers. Her experience in fieldwork also includes conducting ethnographic research in Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia, with over 20 families to understand the needs and gaps of the public health system around the floating village.

Kim Yee holds an honours degree in Geography from the National University of Singapore.

Meet Kim

While many people often assume there to be a trade-off between business performance and social goals, Eden was one of the rare companies I found that strongly believed in harnessing the power of innovation to resolve such perceived trade-offs. I love how Eden goes beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, governance, or philanthropy, to build true sustainability through businesses’ core strategies, business models, operations, products, and services. This ethos was what attracted me to join and stay at the company.

My background in Geography exposed me to the field of Political Ecology, which I find was particularly aligned with how Eden embraces systems thinking to analyse complex social issues and their relationships with different stakeholders.

Created with Sketch. Eden always encourages me to look at how my work can unlock new perspectives for my clients. I am constantly collaborating closely with clients to create breakthrough innovations.

Since joining Eden, I’ve had the opportunity to work on meaningful missions across a wide range of different industries and functions. I recently worked on sector development roadmaps for the Fashion and Urban Planning sectors, where I met with many stakeholders of different backgrounds to understand their needs and challenges, so we could learn where to meaningfully move the sector towards. I also helped the Singapore Council for United Nations Women on a pro-bono mission, analyzing their past data to establish and quantify the impact achieved by a key initiative of theirs. In addition, I have also been involved in conducting workshops for the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to aid in their transformation journey towards digitalization, design, and innovation.

In a fast-paced environment like Eden, I experienced a steep learning curve, but am thankful for supportive colleagues that inspire and challenge me every single day. I always feel supported as I fulfill my full potential, building new skillsets according to my interests. This drives me to develop a sustainable career in Eden as I am at a place that truly values and invests in my professional and personal development. Being a part of Eden is amazing because I am working with a tight-knitted team that believes firmly in the work that we do. In a small team, we work extremely closely and make decisions together. Every opinion really does matter.

I am often curious about how different fields of knowledge and disciplines can come together to inspire new creations. As such, I immerse myself in hand-lettering in my personal time, which refers to the art of drawing letters by hand, combining the fields of typography, design, calligraphy, and lettering. It is similarly satisfying to work in an environment at Eden is not wedded to cookie-cutter frameworks but thrives on a transdisciplinary approach, amplifying the diversity of our varied backgrounds. I am always grateful for the role models I had in my life whom have helped me along the way, and hope to therefore give back by spending my Saturday afternoons volunteering with New Hope Community Services and READable, providing mentorship and imparting English Literacy skills to children from underprivileged families.