Rim Bettaieb

Rim Bettaieb is an Economics major at Yale-NUS College, passionate about problem solving, psychological analysis and philosophical conversations. She graduated from African Leadership Academy (ALA), Johannesburg, in 2015. During her time in ALA, Rim received the Milead fellowship for the “25 Most Emerging Women Leaders in Africa”. She was also awarded the Allan Gray Entrepreneurial Achievement Gold Award for her work as CEO of a student enterprise called Footprints. In Yale-NUS, Rim was awarded the Social Impact Fellowship in 2016 for founding and running Empower Education, a youth empowerment program in Tunisia. In Singapore, Rim advised social enterprises as an Associate Consultant with Conjunct Consulting and trained 25 student consultants for projects with the Yale-NUS Consulting Group. In 2017, Rim designed and led the marketing campaign for TripOpt, the leading product at Hannilab, a Tunisia-based tech startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver mobile solutions. At Eden, Rim has worked extensively on co-developing a Top 50 Smart City Governments ranking.