Rachel Tan

Rachel Tan is a Strategy Consultant at Eden Strategy Institute with a background in environmental science, policymaking, and research. Rachel has a keen interest in social and environmental issues, and has previously worked with Yayasan Planet Indonesia in West Kalimantan to help produce short films as well as other publicity material to increase awareness of their projects, spanning from bird conservation to creating microenterprises for low-income communities. Before joining Eden, she also worked on a biodiversity monitoring report with Conservation International in Samoa, and designed publicity material for their community engagement programme involving the cast and producers of Disney’s Moana to raise awareness on ocean conservation. Rachel is a strong advocate for marine conservation, and has previously conducted oceanographic research in remote regions of the South Pacific Ocean to gather data on sea-surface carbon dioxide levels. More recently, she also conducted in-depth data analysis on coral reefs in Singapore and Malaysia to understand and evaluate the impact of environmental stressors on their health. Rachel graduated from Yale-NUS College with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Studies.