Matt Crellin

Matt Crellin is a Partner at Eden Strategy Institute, and founder/director of Growth Advisors, an Australia-based strategy firm. He is a career strategy consultant, having 12 years of experience in supporting organisations to achieve their goals. Throughout his professional career, Matt has managed operations for a not-for-profit program in Boston, USA and led an Australian university joint venture establishing a new campus in Sarawak, Malaysia as a second-in-charge. Matt founded and developed a consulting practice within an Australian market research group, and led the practice as Managing Director (Australia). Earlier in his career, he has driven the establishment of the Melbourne office of a multinational professional services organisation, and subsequently led the office as Managing Director (Melbourne). He also founded an independent consulting practice focused on growth strategy and contributed to a not-for-profit organisation in the disability services sector as a Board member, later on serving as a Deputy Chairman.

Matt has extensive experience in developing strategies for growth, having applied these skills in scores of times via consulting engagements with clients across a wide range of industries – including the business to business, business to consumer, government and not-for-profit sectors. These include identifying and investigating potential markets for an organization looking to make use of flyash, a by-product from coal-fired power stations; as well as identifying and investigating potential markets for biosolids, a by-product of wastewater (sewage) treatment. During a partnership with the management team of a small local subsidiary of a multinational medical consumables company, he also helped to identify, develop and execute their business growth strategy – which culminated in the launch of new products, entry into new markets, and an acceleration of a distributor acquisition strategy.
Matt has also worked with the Board and senior management of an ASX-listed motor vehicle retailer, to establish growth targets and strategies – including both organic growth (i.e sales/profit growth) and growth through acquisitions.

Matt also has deep experience in assessing market opportunities globally, and has undertaken opportunity assessments, providing subsequent advice for a wide range of products and services across diverse industries. Some of these include an innovative ‘man overboard’ alert technology; a telecommunications ‘soft switch’ product; an in-hole bit-changing technology targeted at the exploration drilling sector; a baby nappy product; a safety braking system for vehicles targeted at airlines and the mining industry; an off-the-road airless tyre technology targeted at the mining and forklift sectors; an Australian, USA-based aquaculture company using innovative technology and processes in fingerling and fish growth and health.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Marketing) from Curtin Business School, and spends his free time either surfing the beaches of Western Australia or snowboarding in Northern Japan.