Jennifer Morton

Jennifer Morton is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Eden with a background in catalysing inclusive sustainable development in the food and agriculture sector. In her work, she applies a systems thinking lens and market-driven approach to understand the drivers of unsustainable outcomes in complex systems, and how to remodel incentive structures and modes of collaboration to drive sustainability.

At present within Eden, Jennifer is leading a project in Southeast Asia to assess the potential of agri-tech solutions to solve sector challenges within various agricultural supply chains. Prior to joining Eden, she supported diverse organisations, including MNCs, multi-stakeholder platforms, foundations and NGOs, to co-design, implement, measure, scale and continuously improve their organisational sustainability strategies. Some of the projects she has worked on include the set-up and implementation of a sector-wide platform with leading fashion brands to scale the organic cotton sector through coordinated sector- and sourcing-level interventions; developing go-to-market strategies for sustainability innovations in emerging markets; setting up performance measurement systems to measure and scale effective sustainability initiatives; and supporting African agribusinesses to scale innovative business models that optimise farm-level impact as well as sustainable returns.

Jennifer holds a Master’s degree with Distinction in Corporate Social Responsibility with Sustainable Development from Robert Gordon University (Scotland) and a First Class Honours degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews (Scotland).

Meet Jennifer

I joined the team in November 2020, bringing to Eden my background in catalysing sustainable development in the food and agriculture sector. Prior to Eden, I worked at another consultancy in the Netherlands, where we were tackling the sustainability challenges of our time using market-driven approaches. A major part of our work focused on the inclusive and sustainable transformation of smallholder-dominated agricultural value chains in sectors including coffee, cocoa, tea, cotton, staple crops, bananas and palm oil, amongst others. Through this work, which brought me up close to farmers and agri-businesses on the ground in countries including Kenya and Nigeria, I developed a deep appreciation for the interdependencies between transforming agriculture and overcoming several of our most critical sustainability issues.

Having had both the opportunity to design strategy as well as drive implementation, I am keenly aware that my job as a consultant requires being attuned to the ground-up needs, local realities, and implementation challenges that lie beyond delivering packaged reports. What I share with Eden is a belief that our value lies in not just delivering analysis but to be there for our clients as loyal partners in the winding and often unpredictable journey towards social impact.

Every year, my conviction grows for the need for a radically different future, where sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do as individuals, as societies, and as a planet. I am thrilled to have found my team Eden who share this deep-seated passion and drive, and to work with them and our partners to bring about the future we all aspire towards.