Ian Carter

Ian Carter is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Eden Strategy Institute, with a background in finance, information technology, and community-building activities. At Eden, Ian led the design of the three-year industry transformation roadmap for Singapore’s Advertising and Marketing sector where he engaged over 50 senior business leaders and government officials in in-depth interviews and strategy design workshops. He is a facilitator in SSI’s Board Members Network Sessions for board members of social service organisations in the social service sector. He has worked exclusively outside of his home country and in international contexts including six years in Haifa, Israel as an IT consultant for in-house operations, performing business analysis for the implementation of IBM Maximo 9.0, managing a database migration from Solaris to Linux, overseeing the implementation of project portfolio management processes and systems, managing change for a customized implementation of Documentum comprising over a million documents, facilitating process overhauls to client relationship and IT service management among several other accomplishments. As a true cosmopolitan and promoter of collective prosperity, he facilitated moral education programs for children and adolescents in Singapore and volunteered for an international NGO in Jakarta dedicated to building peace in Southeast Asia. His holistic approach to solving problems ensures coherence between organizational sustainability and positive social impact. He obtained his BBA from The University of Texas at Austin and his MBA from Nanyang Business School.