Frederic Schmidt

Frederic Schmidt is a Consulting Manager at Eden Strategy Institute, with strong field expertise in emerging ASEAN countries, working both with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He was the lead of a user research study for Samsung in Vietnam and Indonesia to conduct ethnography on the ground, conceptualize new use cases, prototype new features. He led a market study and value proposition development project for an industrial belt company across Thailand, South-Korea, and Indonesia, and conducted a joint innovation lab for multinationals on the emerging middle class in Indonesia and the Philippines. He was also part of the Emerging Middle Class Initiative where he studied the life of consumers in the filed in Indonesia and the Philippines.

He also led several engagements for the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board of Singapore (SPRING Singapore) which include impact studies for the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) grant as well as the Centers of Innovation Programme in order to support local SMEs develop breakthrough products and concepts across Marine & Offshore, Logistics, Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, CleanTech, Materials, and Food manufacturing among others. Recently, Fred led an engagement to support a multinational firm to introduce high-tech rooftop farming into Singapore in order to address the national food security issue by consulting and convening a wide range of stakeholders along the farming value chain such as farmers, landlords, retailers, B2B customers, logistics companies, technology providers, and government agencies.

Fred is also heavily involved in workshops and training. He has conducted a series of workshops in Thailand and Indonesia for the KATA Foundation to support the top management of Danish firms to expend in the region. Fred also played an instrumental role of several other capability building and innovation workshops for clients such as Bosch, Mundi Pharma, the National Youth Council, and the Social Service Institute.
Prior to Eden, he spent 3 years in Asia in various sectors including designing education initiatives in Vietnam, Private equity in Cambodia, sanitation in Singapore, and cross sector studies in the Philippines. Being passionate about innovative, hands-on Design Thinking projects particularly in emerging markets, Fred enjoys getting involved with local social enterprises such as Asia Social Ventures to boost impact on the ground. In Asia Social Ventures, Fred has led a coconut oil factory launch in rural Mindanao. Fred graduated from EDHEC business school (France) with a Bsc. including co-majors in Corporate Finance and International Business Management. Fred is also the alumni ambassador for the EDHEC Business School and the network of French Universities in Singapore where he organizes regular events and conferences to strengthen the alumni network in Singapore and the region.