David Berger

David Berger is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Eden Strategy Institute, with a diverse
background in energy efficiency and the built environment. He specializes in conducting
energy audits, retro-commissioning on large buildings, modelling mechanical systems and
architectural assemblies, and designing and conducting building-related research. David has
conducted a number of projects to benchmark, audit, and develop guidelines for various
asset classes across the United States, including master plan analysis, fuel conversion
studies, and renewable power analysis. He has also worked with clients in Singapore on Net
Zero Energy, Green Mark, and other green building projects.

Additionally, David led research on the application of emerging technologies such as battery
storage in buildings and improving the performance of ventilation systems. He is a Certified
Passive House Designer (PHI and PHIUS) and has worked on a wide-range of new
construction and retro-fits for large commercial and residential buildings.
David helped create a social venture aimed at providing sustainable sources of light and
energy for remote, off-grid communities in Ghana. He has been involved with the initiative
for over a decade and has served many roles, including design, prototyping, field-testing,
user engagement studies, and technical training. The initial design for portable lanterns
sharing a community charging station has evolved into a more versatile community resource
with facilities for lantern and cell phone charging and auxiliary power – essentially a
portable micro- or nano-grid. David currently serves as a board member for the non-profit.

David graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of
Science and Art (New York) where he completed a Bachelors of Engineering in Civil
Engineering. He also holds a BSc. in Biology from Boston College (Massachusetts).