David Berger

David Berger is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Eden with a background in engineering and biology. He believes that the intersection between business and social and environmental stewardship is where real change will happen. It is this belief that motivates him and guides his work.

At Eden, David helps organisations and businesses implement sustainable initiatives across their operations. His technical expertise in energy, materials, and carbon emissions anchors his work and is responsible for yielding tangible, realistic solutions. He is currently working with a large beverage corporation to design and implement a smart, sustainable transformation across the company’s operations.

Prior to joining Eden, David worked in the built environment sector for over a decade, helping owners and managers create better buildings for their residents and the environment. He has expertise in designing high-performance, low-energy buildings and systems. He has also developed and implemented Net Zero Energy master plans for projects in North America and Asia.

David has also co-founded a social venture aimed at providing sustainable sources of light and energy for remote, off-grid communities in West Africa. He has been involved with the initiative for over a decade and has served many roles, including designing, prototyping, field-testing, user engagement studies, and technical training. David currently serves as a board member for the organisation.

Meet Dave

I have a strong belief that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place in whichever way resonates the most for each of us. From studying costal field ecology, to performing energy audits, this idea has shaped my career path and served as a lodestar. It was also responsible for leading me to Eden, where it is a one of our guiding values.

I initially went into engineering because of my interest in the built environment. When I began school, my primary interest was in structural engineering. As time went on however, I began to see the larger picture – engineering is the use of science and technology to solve problems for the benefit of humanity.  With this realization, I quickly began to develop other interests within the field. I was particularly motivated and excited about addressing tangible, real-world problems, which, if solved, have the potential to greatly improve the lives of many individuals.

While at university I had a unique opportunity to work on a semester-long project aimed at providing lighting systems for off-grid communities in northern Ghana. I quickly found it was exactly the type of challenge I was looking for. It was a large open-ended problem that required research, collaboration, analysis, engineering, and an empathy for the human experience. By the end of the semester, I had committed to spending the summer in Ghana to test our prototypes, collect user feedback and work with a local polytechnic to establish local manufacturing. In many ways, this project was ideal for me as it satisfied the need to make a positive contribution to the world, while requiring me to utilize a diverse skill set. The experience of starting up a social venture in a foreign country was incredibly rewarding, but at the same time had its limitations. Specifically, the solution was too grounded in an idealistic and academic philosophy. In hindsight, I can see the key missing components were the practical and commercial aspects that emerge from leveraging a business mindset.

The question of how to make business work for society is something that I have since been exploring, pursuing my interest in sustainability as an engineer making buildings more efficient and sustainable. My work here allowed me to influence the design of buildings through advising and collaborating with the various stakeholders. It was rewarding to see my contributions lead to better buildings, however, at times the impact felt limited.

Joining Eden has provided an opportunity to explore ways to contribute on an even larger scale. I feel that the intersection between business and social and environmental stewardship is where real change will happen. It is this belief that motivates me and guides my work. As I reflect upon my journey, I find myself even more inspired and excited about solving problems as I did when I first began.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring nature and having adventures with my family. I also like running, cycling, and climbing. Oh, and I am always on an quest for the perfect cup of coffee, which may or may not be related to having two small children!