Angeline Seah

Angeline is a Strategy Consultant at Eden Strategy Institute with a background in economics and marketing. She joins Eden with a great passion for creating a positive impact and solving the world’s pressing issues by assisting organisations in exploring sustainable ways of doing business that achieves multiple wins for different stakeholders and the environment. One of her favourite books is ‘Doughnut Economics’ because she believes that organisations can still thrive while saving the planet and addressing social issues. Before joining Eden, Angeline worked for Shopee as a Project Manager, where she pioneered and grew one of Shopee’s multimillion-dollar businesses today, Shopee Supermarket.

Outside of her professional work, Angeline loves to spend her free time building and growing a young generation of changemakers through volunteering and mentoring. She co-led a team of 64 worldwide as an Executive Director for Harvard Project for Asians and International Relations (HPAIR), a forum of exchange for students and young professionals to discuss and learn about the most important economic, political, and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. She also started an organisation called Projek Cita-Nita, a learning platform that empowers youths to become changemakers that solve their community’s social, environmental, and economic issues. It has impacted hundreds of beneficiaries and students as of today since 2019.

Angeline holds a Bachelor of Commerce with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney.