Social Innovation

Capitalism, trade, and technological advances have driven unprecedented growth in the world’s population, knowledge, and economy. These have however been accompanied by a widening income divide, ecological devastation, and a stretched socio-political fabric… the greatest challenges of our generation.

The numerous solutions attempted have been found wanting. Disingenuous regulatory loopholes have mired governance-based approaches. Imperfect incentives limit the efficacy of market-based approaches. Some firms commit to basic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or community relations programs, yet these are frequently viewed as cost centres providing non-core, ‘feel good’ activities.

The mega-trend of Social Innovation is only starting to surface in our collective awareness. However, forward-thinking organizations that embrace problem-solving mindsets, disruptive innovations, and new business paradigms, are truly engaging the hearts and minds of their customers, shareholders, employees, partners, and constituents – to achieve superior, long-term financial performance by creating positive social impact.

Eden approaches global poverty, disease, illiteracy, and exploitation head-on, and is relentless in helping its clients formulate strategies, models, processes, products, and designs that solve these issues to create quantum value. We help organizations generate and grow additional profit in addressing such challenges, not in spite of them.

We believe in the power of ideas to positively shape our world, one case at a time. Our focus is unparalleled in bringing to bear the world’s foremost experts on our clients’ most pressing sustainability and business issues. In turn, we only collaborate with clients who are seriously committed to strategic action that produces true sustainable advantage.