Conveying World-class Manufacturing across Asia


Manufacturing in Asia is increasingly specialized, with Thailand as the “Kitchen of the world”, South Korea as a leader in electronics manufacturing, and Indonesia emerging as Southeast Asia’s production hub for consumer goods and automotive products.

Each specialized good is manufactured as a product of multiple processes, and made possible only with high-precision conveyor belts.

Habasit is a global leader in the belting industry, offering timing and conveyor belts, including fabric-based belts, plastic modular belts, and power transmission belts. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Habasit serves most of the top manufacturers worldwide through 30 subsidiaries, 16 production units, and 250 service providers and representatives in over 70 countries.


Eden Strategy Institute regularly studies new production technologies in the region, and was selected by Habasit Far East Pte Ltd to explore how it could strengthen its offer of belting products and value-added services to world-class manufacturers in Asia.

Eden conducted an in-depth study of factories in Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia in sectors such as Logistics, Automotive, Textile, Food & Beverages, and Consumer Goods. We analysed their production throughputs, processes, standards, and critical paths; detailed their maintenance and servicing practices and requirements; and mapped their purchasing decision cycles, influences, and criteria. In addition, we used a 360° stakeholder approach to engage with OEMs, distributors, brand owners, and government agencies to understand local and regional manufacturing trends and capabilities, in order to orchestrate a concerted shift towards world-class standards, processes, and technologies in each country.


As an outcome of our mission, Habasit was able to identify attractive new customer segments that aligned with its expertise, positioning, and product mix. This formed the basis for Habasit’ s decisions on novel capabilities and operations to invest in, mutually beneficial relationships to develop with its stakeholders, and a Go-to-market Strategy to develop and strengthen its offer though innovative products such as energy-efficient belts and auto-washing conveyor systems.

Created with Sketch. “Great team to work with. I have worked with many consultants in my 20-year Marketing career, and I must say that Eden is very attentive to details and came with an open mind without assumptions or cookie-cutter solutions.


The Eden team learned about our product suite in a short period of time, after going through only a day of briefing. They are able to identify market opportunities relevant to our products. On top of that they made appropriate recommendations on our go-to-market strategies based on the current set up of our organisation.


What I also like is that there were periodical reviews to keep me updated with the progress, and through these discussions, we were able to identify the areas we want to focus on based on their findings.


To sum it up, it was a great experience working with Eden. It was very easy working with them.”


Emily Toh

Food Industry Segment Manager, APAC

Habasit Far East Pte Ltd