Foresight and Data for Consumer Insight


BSH Home Appliances the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe operating 80 companies and 43 factories in over 50 countries. It owns many of the world’s leading brands of Home Appliances such as Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau among others. To reinforce its regional market intelligence capabilities, BSH Home Appliances worked with Eden Strategy Institute to develop a holistic framework supporting its executives to better approach Market Intelligence, followed by in-depth capacity-building to arm them with relevant and customized tools.


Intelligence analysis is multi-faceted, and clear focus can prevent analysts from feeling overwhelmed. Eden conducted a visioning exercise to help BSH executives articulate a broader perspective of how their markets would evolve. This built a shared view of how each department and responsibility area should ideally contribute to future growth initiatives.

To operationalize this vision, Eden facilitated a dialogue where participants from different country offices shared good intelligence practices, and introduced participants to a wide range of intelligence sources and analysis tools that they could easily use to develop meaningful insights. These included techniques such as IP intelligence, regulatory scanning, statistical analysis, ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, social media analytics, and dynamic source targeting.

Successful intelligence analysts need to be able to find opportunities where others cannot. In addition to helping participants identify market opportunities, create insights from analyzing trends, and developing foresight capabilities, Eden also helped to broaden the participants’ mental frame to be more creative with improvisation, and Scenario Planning methodologies.

Intelligence analysis must articulate the key constraints and trade-offs in order to develop the right solutions that can push through the ‘efficiency frontier’. Eden guided participants to design value propositions most in line with market needs and gaps using tools such as Design Thinking, Innovation Scouting, and TRIZ.

Even intelligence-led innovations need to convince senior executives about their value before budgets are approved for implementation. To accelerate this process, Eden facilitated joint sharing of effective ways to generate management buy-in, such as using credible data to tell insightful stories, specific use cases to demonstrate shared value, as well as collaboration and leadership success factors that reduce risk when going to market.

As a capstone to apply all the toolkits, Eden conducted a Wargaming segment where participants were split into competing teams to assess the resiliency of their respective strategies through dynamic action-reaction drills.

Created with Sketch. “As an outcome of this engagement, BSH Home Appliances has seen increased levels of involvement in Market Intelligence activities and projects from various Category and Country teams. BSH has also empowered the relevant employees to use data more effectively in their day-to-day activities, as well as for long term forecasting, business planning and scenario building.


BSH was very satisfied with the outcome of the workshop and recommends Eden Strategy Institute on the thorough preparation with relevant stakeholders, and flawless execution by its team-members.”


Deepak Shah

Head of Consumer Insights, Innovation & Digital Transition

BSH Home Appliances Pte Ltd