Breathing Life into Asia’s War on Lung Cancer


Covidien is a leading global healthcare products company that develops, manufactures, and sells a diverse range of industry-leading medical devices and supplies in over 150 countries. Named as one of World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes, Covidien has more than 38,000 employees worldwide in more than 70 countries.

Covidien had previously acquired a company with an novel emerging technology suite for lung cancer. Covidien was keen to explore the market potential of its product suite in Asia, and engaged Eden Strategy Institute to conduct a series of product commercialization studies. The study objectives were to provide Covidien with a thorough understanding of the existing industry structure and market dynamics, validate the concepts among key opinion leaders in the region, size the market potential, and craft compelling business and entry strategies for several key markets in Asia.


Eden first began with a comprehensive analysis of statistical indicators and technology trends in the healthcare sector, and mapped existing patient pathways and clinical protocols for lung cancer. We then engaged deeply with key opinion leaders such as pulmonologists, radiologists, thoracic surgeons, medical directors, as well as public and private healthcare and governmental organizations in each country. Using in-depth interviews, participant co-creation, and ethnographic observations of clinical and surgical processes, we evaluated the adoption potential for the new technology by studying the past adoption of analogous technologies, physician and patient pain-points, and iterative feedback on various feature concepts. We then conducted quantitative surveys to validate our insights and obtain quantitative measures for the market potential at stake.

We found that lung cancer diagnosis and treatment differs across the countries due to the varied causes and prognoses of different types of lung cancer, diverse reimbursement and payment systems, and the uneven advancement of medical technologies and supporting infrastructure.


This formed the basis of understanding the critical success factors in positioning the products, structuring the health economics and market development activities for Covidien, and supporting the development of a partnership framework, targeted country strategies, and a regional roll-out plan.

Created with Sketch. “The company was driving the integration and globalization of acquired early technologies into Asia. As the technology represented opportunities within the white spaces, Eden was tasked to support the commercialisation efforts by developing a in depth understanding of the market structure, dynamics, potential and to propose a high level recommendations around go-to-market strategy.

Eden was chosen amongst various other research and consulting agencies due to their quick understanding of the subject matter, strategic approach, and robust methodologies. Leveraging on existing data, their models also incorporated robust on-the-ground market validation with important stakeholders for the business. Their willingness to “get their hands dirty” and deliver findings based on specific market findings, not just models and assumptions gave us the confidence we needed to make critical business decisions.

The work Eden has done for our company has laid the foundation for our go-to-market strategy, and has delivered very actionable tactical intelligence for our initial business roll out. However, the implications and impact of their patient pathway and decision criteria frameworks has farther fetching implications for our Health Economics, Policy and Reimbursement strategies in the long term. There are various components of the project by Eden has become a reference and best practice not just for Asia, but also throughout the other Emerging Markets.”


Cristan Yang Zhigang

Regional Marketing Manager, Asia, Early Technologies Group