Responsible Value Chain

Eden assists its clients in conducting ethical audits, building alliances, and setting industry standards and best practices:

Ethical Audit. Before effecting any transformation process, clients look to Eden to help measure their sustainability baselines. Eden helps clients establish suitable criteria, map their supply chains, and identify pain-points and profit zones.

Global Best Practice Development. Eden scouts for international best practices along each step of the value-creating process, from sourcing to research and development, manufacturing to sales and distribution. We work with governments and consortia to set global industry gold standards that continually push the Efficiency Frontier.

Alliance Building. Eden assists its clients by first focusing on the segments of their industry where value creation and capture are highest, and engineers channel distributorships, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions to assemble the requisite capabilities in an ecosystem. We systematically identify suitable partners, conduct commercial due diligence, valuation, brokering, and integration, to ensure lasting, mutually-beneficial alliances.