Growth Planning

Eden works alongside its clients to create social innovations, develop stable growth trajectories, and test the resilience of their plans:

Social Innovation. Eden helps its clients unleash social innovations by providing technical briefings on new products or business models, identifying chokepoints in their creativity and product development portfolios, transferring proven concepts from other industries and countries that help resolve analogous customer pain-points, and facilitating open innovation, ideation workshops, rapid prototyping, and Lead User focus groups to generate, launch, and improve upon practical – yet groundbreaking – new ideas.

Development Blueprint. Eden supports the entire strategic planning processes, outlining Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies for its clients to enter, penetrate, and enjoy extraordinary business expansion. We are frequently invited to facilitate interactive workshops to invigorate the budgeting process, introduce the latest breakthroughs in management thinking, and act as a sounding board for senior management teams. We help align customers’ product portfolios, analyze market barriers and levers, recommend entry modes, phases, and supporting organizational designs, and craft intelligence dashboards tracking leading indicators for performance management and corporate reporting.

Resilience Testing. Eden maps stakeholder opportunities and risks, uses Applied Game Theory, structures war gaming workshops, and performs contingency planning to stress test the rigor of strategic initiatives in a dynamic yet safe setting.