Decision Support

Eden helps clients access markets, plan for sustainable futures, and study the feasibility of new strategic options:

Market Targeting. Eden delivers macro- and microeconomic expertise to help create flourishing markets for its clients. We conduct industry and market attractiveness assessments, identify cutting-edge trends and segments, and deliver insights of customers and competitors to support strategic marketing and branding programs.

Sustainable Futures. Eden helps its clients determine their own sustainable vision, with future scanning, Delphi predictions, market research, and complex statistical forecasting models to develop vivid scenarios of the future.

Feasibility Studies. Clients regularly call on Eden to confirm the intricate strategic fit of new initiatives, before incorporating changes into workplans and budgets. Eden conducts cost-benefit Return on Investment and conjoint studies to analyse business and customer tradeoffs, offers sophisticated investment tools such as real options and risk management measures, and forecasts possible impacts on short- and long-term economic performance, stakeholders, the environment, corporate reputations, and share prices.