Retail & Consumer Practice

The proliferation of competing global brands, availability of online distribution channels and white label products, widespread tourism, aggressive discounting, appreciating regional currencies, and low interest rate environment is leading to consumer fickleness, a decline in advertising effectiveness, and shortening product lifecycles. Social media channels are accelerating consumer disengagement in situations of irresponsible corporate behavior, such as in product safety, public health, or exploitative supply chains.

Yet, opportunities abound with the immense potential of Bottom-of-Pyramid customer segments. The mass affluent, now identifying with the personalities of their favorite brands, are starting to express themselves through philanthropic consumerism when they shop. Similarly, it is imperative for brand curators to delight the luxury segment with aspirational stories and values – now expected as a part of the consumption experience.

Eden is experienced in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, White and Brown durables, Lifestyle and Luxury products, Travel and Hospitality, Wholesale and Retail Trade, as well as Food and Beverages. Our work in this sector ranges from training and incentives for Trade Marketing; footfall and shelf space management for Retail Marketing; store layouts and need states for Shopper Marketing; to decision-making and Net Promoter Scores for Consumer Marketing.

Using a mix of business-to-business, quantitative, qualitative, and ethnographic research, we help our clients identify future trends and micro-segments, develop product pipelines, manage categories, build brands, create emotions, gauge advertising effectiveness, devise retail strategies and in-store programs, and model pricing analytics, customer loyalty, and store locations.

We advise brand stewards on how to inspire trust and advantage with responsible labeling and reporting, discover new purchasing drivers such as healthy living or life fulfillment, infuse computational analytics in their strategic marketing decisions, differentiate their brands with cause marketing, relook at the promise of “mom & pop” channels, and redefine entire user experiences such as with ecotourism or connoisseurship.

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