Infocommunications & Media Practice

Disruptive technologies in data compression and broadband transmission, quantum computing, semantics, near-field communications, and artificial intelligence, are driving new ‘killer applications’ in analytics, virtualization, interactivity, gaming, search marketing, and mobile commerce. They are accompanied by traditional problems of energy efficiency, interconnectivity, piracy, privacy, and security. Value-Added Services and premium content, whether outsourced analytics or ‘crowdsourced’ user-generated expertise, are now remotely available to niche ‘tribes’, on-demand, and on-the-go. Players in the convergence sector need to understand diverse needs of different complements and customer segments, which can range from freeware to redundant, mission-critical systems. This will allow them to plan customization levels, build partnerships, create business models for monetization, and maximize utilization in this high fixed cost business.

We are adept in software, applications, and content including Interactive Digital Media and social media; hardware and infrastructure covering semiconductors, networks, and devices; communications platforms ranging from fixed line, broadband, and leased circuits; and the media channels of mobile, outdoor, print, radio, television, and the web. We consult to software developers, content providers, advertisers, creative and PR agencies, broadcasters and publishers, equipment manufacturers, as well as infrastructure operators, Application Service Providers, managed services firms, and their clients.

Eden helps ICT leaders develop new products and cultures, set standards in wars of attrition, reduce CAPEX, and optimize different revenue streams in managing customer lifecycles. Our work enables firms to build capacity while reducing energy demands with cloud computing, deliver better prices to the agricultural community with pre-paid mobile cards, minimize resource consumption by going electronic, leverage on mass media to impact health awareness, and increase literacy using affordable laptops as inclusive devices for Bottom-of-Pyramid segments.

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