Industrial & Logistics Practice

Rising international development and worldwide demand for goods and services is increasing the consumption of raw materials and energy at a greater pace than they may be replenished. To cope with capacity constraints and rising production costs, companies are expanding their capacity with lean programs, scaling up their infrastructure investments such as with automation or mass customization, outsourcing or in-sourcing their manufacturing and logistics, seeking alternative suppliers, and entering higher margin service businesses. Integrating global supply chains calls for real-time coordination and analytics, tools to control the uncertainty associated with such loose networks, and fresh skill-sets to run new profit centers.

Eden has extensive knowledge of Heavy Industrial Equipment, Precision Engineering, and Control System Technology; Logistics services and Transportation infrastructure; Resources, Materials, and Waste Management; as well as Responsible Manufacturing Processes and Packaging Design.

We help organizations in the Industrial and Logistics sector grow their scale, improve their operational efficacy, build distribution hubs, manage their trading networks, plan for compressed capital equipment cycles, and defend against grey markets. Forward-looking market leaders now have an opportunity to reduce input uncertainty and enhance community support by sourcing ethically from fair trade sources, championing safety standards, and managing environmental impact and order fulfilment uncertainty through the product lifecycle – from cradle to aftersales, recycling to the grave.

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