Healthcare Practice

Evolving lifestyles, ageing populations, and new epidemics are building pressure on healthcare costs, coverage, and quality of care. Expectations of patients, medical professionals, hospitals, corporations, regulators, and lobbyists are rising, while industry competitiveness is intensifying as generic drugs and treatment alternatives become more viable globally. The quest to continually innovate, bring blockbuster products to market, and adopt efficient service models has never been more pressing.

Eden works across the entire healthcare system, from research and development at pharmaceutical companies, medical technology firms, and biotechnology institutions, to commercialization, manufacturing, downstream distribution, hospital installation and management.

Eden inspires sustainability by containing the risk of intellectual property infringement, helps R&D units build and manage their portfolios, brings better medicines to market sooner, launches eHealth systems that improve clinical outcomes while reducing patient costs, supports healthcare education to raise patient awareness, assists in API manufacturing and vaccine distribution, analyses market failures, assesses treatment efficacy, plans for the market entry of hospitals as well as the flows of medical tourists, and works with insurers to improve treatment quality while reducing healthcare costs.

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