Government & Non-Profit Practice

Societal, geopolitical, and economic uncertainties are once again spotlighting the role of governments and non-profit organizations. Just as emerging markets are embracing free market economics and privatizing their state-owned enterprises, developed nations are once again looking towards the public sector for leadership to regulate market failures, nationalize and report on critical functions, revitalize economies with new industries, as well as protect, engage, and empower citizens.

We regularly collaborate with national and supra-national government agencies, as well as non-profit organizations such as schools, hospitals, and charities working on limited budgets. We support public sector organizations in their journey to better serve the changing needs of their constituents, by importing private sector practices such as competitive strategy, innovation, and performance management.

Eden advises on policy reform and helps public sector agencies plan and set up industry blueprints and ecosystems, urbanize communities, correct market failures, allocate resources, accelerate trade and development programs, advocate causes and lobby for regulatory approvals, make grants and raise funds, drive for results, and forecast the economic and social impact of governmental and non-profit interventions.

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