Financial Services Practice

The role of the global markets as a source of capital is being affected by uncertainties in liquidity and complexities in product approvals, regulatory requirements, and global interoperability. Participants, used to leveraging on technology and quantitative methods
for distribution and execution, are now looking for growth in niche segments, deploying risk-based capital, and organizing consortium deals. As the sector consolidates, players with stronger balance sheets, deep understanding of client sectors, and innovative business models will gain dominance by helping customers access credit and generate superior returns on their assets.

Eden is practiced in the financial services sector, working with retail, private, commercial, and investment banks, brokerages, securities firms, stock exchanges, accounting and law firms, insurers, consumer finance companies, and credit card associations, as well as asset managers from Banks, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Venture Capital firms.

Eden helps financial institutions profitably meet customer needs, whether they are commercial developers, high networth individuals, SMEs, or bottom-of-pyramid segments. We embed sustainability considerations into risk, governance, and investor relations frameworks, and assist asset managers in conducting commercial due diligence on target assets, managing the risks and strategies of their portfolio, and exiting their investments. Our work helps improve market liquidity and reduce systemic risks, by launching social innovations such as cause-based loyalty programs, EMV cards, microfinancing, clearinghouses, carbon trading, and sustainability indices.