Eden Academy

Research, Publishing & Training

Eden Academy is a not-for-profit think tank that conducts industry research across a broad range of topics in the social innovation space, contributing to public education and wider policy debates.

We publish a wealth of white papers, reports, business model playbooks, and articles to increase the marketplace awareness of sustainability. Our free access blog is a one-stop collection of the latest trends, news, and business opportunities in the space of Social Innovation. In 2013, we will also be publishing The Asia Social Innovation Review, a quarterly collection of the latest ideas, case studies, and leading edge best practices. For media soundbites, insights on social innovation, and interviews, please contact media@edenstrategyinstitute.com

Eden’s intellectual leadership is driven by adjunct university faculty and a panel of world-class Fellows, whom we call on to regularly conduct executive training on a variety of business topics relating to Social Innovation, Sustainability, Strategy, Organization, and Business Analysis. All training and workshops are customized to each client’s industry and company situation.

Eden’s Partners are also frequently sought after as Subject Matter Specialists in industry conferences across the region. For inquiries on executive training or to request a keynote speaker, kindly contact query@edenstrategyinstitute.com

For an introduction to the language of Social Innovation, please visit our Industry Glossary.