Bettr Lives Leadership Series: EQ in Crisis

Each webinar in the Bettr Lives Leadership Series focuses on an aspect of our lives and how EQ plays a part in crisis, change, innovation, and impact. Moderated by Pamela Chng – Co-founder of Bettr Group and Bettr Lives, this webinar explores the importance of leadership in the time of crisis. Our education and professional career tracks rarely prepare us for crises. We train to grow, expand, and achieve loftier goals every year. When plans are changed on the daily and problems grow larger than we can individually understand and tackle, our emotions play an undeniable role in decision making, leadership, and well-being. In this webinar, we explore how to examine, in a non-judgmental manner, our own emotional responses to incomprehensible crises, and then formulate a plan to effectively manage those emotions for the best course of action.

You may access the webinar recording here: